Load Bearing Wall Removal – 7 Burlington Crescent, Toronto

Load Bearing Wall Removal structural design architectural design

Address: 7 Burlington Crs, Toronto Load Bearing Wall Removal and Interior Alteration The removal of a load-bearing wall is a complex undertaking that necessitates both engineering and structural architectural design expertise. In this particular project, we employ our engineering skills to design steel beams meticulously. This approach is essential to ensure the preservation of the […]

Interior Alteration – 123 Brooke Ave, North York

Interior Alteration structural design architectural

Address: 123 Brooke Ave, North York Interior Alteration When considering interior modifications, the primary considerations revolve around cost and spatial efficiency. In this particular design project, the client’s foremost objective is to maximize available space. Our approach involves the removal of walls to create an open-concept layout, facilitating the ingress of natural sunlight into their […]

Golf Club Driving Range – Carruthers Creek golf Center

golf club driving range, architectural design, structural design

Address: Carruthers Creek Golf Center, Ajax Golf Driving range Architectural and Structural Design March 2023 We conceptualize and develop an architectural and structural golf club driving range tailored to the specific requirements of our client. This design features a robust and aesthetically pleasing structure, incorporating wood and Simpson joints to ensure both durability and visual […]