Demolition Permit

What is a Demolition Permit ? 

A Demolition Permit is a legal document that provides you with the right to demolish any structure that requires a building permit to construct.
The Demolition Permit Application will be reviewed to ensure compliance with safety requirements as well as with applicable law for example the Demolition control by- law and the Ontario Heritage Act. A Demolition Permit may not be required for the demolition of farm buildings such as barns and silos, and nonloadbearing interior partitions.

When exactly do you need a Demolition Permit ?

To demolish any structure occupying an area greater than 10 square metres (108 square feet) or part of such a structure, you will require a Building Permit. 
A building permit was not acquired before construction does not mean you don’t need a demolition permit. If the structure was improperly built without obtaining a permit, you still have to get a permit to demolish it.
A demolition permit is necessary to completely raze or remove a structure down to the foundation in most municipalities. It need a separate permit for each structure to be demolished. Before you can be issued a demolition permit, you will often need to provide tree preservation information. 
demolition permit - permit man
demolition permit - permit man

 When you do not need a Demolition Permit ?

  • Removing decks, porches, and other similar structures
  • Removing small sheds, small garages
  • Any space that do not contain utilities with separate connections 
  • Non-structural likes paving and landscapes that are exterior 

Demolition  of Heritage Buildings !!! 

 because of a building’s historic or architectural importance, it may be designated, or be intended for designation, as a heritage building under the Ontario Heritage Act. In that case, demolition will require council’s approval and there may have to be negotiations over how some of the unique character of the building can be preserved.
In a demolition control area, for example, you will not be able to demolish a residential property until you have received a demolition permit issued by the municipal council.
demolition permit - permit man
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