Plumbing Drawings and Permit

A building permit is required for any addition or alteration of plumbing fixtures, water and sewer services. While a lot of people assume that they will only need a permit for big projects and renovations, the reality is that you need permits even for small adjustments.

Any relocation of fixtures requires plumbing drawings and permit.Planning to do plumbing work on your one- or two-family dwelling? contractor or do the plumbing work yourself without a license. A friend, neighbor, tenant, general contractor, or other person cannot legally do the plumbing work unless he or she is a licensed plumber working on behalf of a licensed plumbing contractor.
plumbing permit - permit man

Hvac  Drawings and Permit

As you may know, some HVAC contractors have their own design/engineer team and will apply for HVAC permit on our behalf.
In projects where we are dealing with a contractor that doesn’t have it we will need to involve an HVAC designer to get the Heat Loss and Gain calculation performed, followed by requesting HVAC permit from the city.
We provide everything the building permit office will require.  We are P.Eng  and BCIN certified . We will provide all the forms and plans you need to get your project approved by Hvac drawings and permit.
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