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What Happens When You Renovate Your Home Without a Permit?
While there are many steps to a renovation that can seem overwhelming, understanding building permits is one that can bring up a lot of questions for any homeowner. As experts in renovation projects, our engineers have come up with the most important things you should be asking yourself before applying for a building permit in Ontario. you may be inclined to skip the permit and hope you don’t get caught. But that’s a decision that could really hurt you in the long run.

In Ontario, you need a permit for these renovations:

  • Constructing accessory buildings with an area of more than 10 square metres, or an addition to an existing building
  • Constructing attached or detached garages
  • Structural alterations
  • Excavating, repairing or underpinning a foundation
  • Heating ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, or electrical work
  • Constructing one or more new separate dwelling units within a building
  • Finishing previously unfinished spaces within a building
  • Adding new entrances or windows, changing the size of entrances or windows, or closing entrances or windows
  • Constructing chimneys or fireplaces
  • Installing swimming pool enclosures, constructing detached decks more than 60.96 centimetres above ground, or building any deck attached to a building
  • Demolishing or relocating all or part of a building

On the other hand, you won’t need a permit for these renovations:

  • Replacing stucco, siding, or shingles with the same material
  • Replacing doors or windows without altering the opening,
  • Constructing fences (except pool enclosure fences)
  • Patching, painting and decorating
  • Installing cabinets or shelves

 What We Design ?

We value a good design and thus, work really hard on getting it. We strive hard to deliver only the best and thus, have already established a name in the market. Building permits mean that the construction is made according to the community rules and standards. The permit is aimed at protecting the owner’s interest and the community. We will deliver a smooth building permit in Vaughan, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham and ensure that your property is complying with all the required building requirements. We will get the roof and floor plans checked, along with the elevations, structural plans, HVAC system plans, etc. So, do not rely on any random company because that can lead to unnecessary headache, costly project delays, legal action and even the removal of the construction!
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