Tree Removal Permit

What is a Tree Removal Permit? 

A permit is required to remove, cut down or in any other way injure a tree with a diameter of 30 cm (12 inches or the approximate thickness of a telephone pole) or more on private property. The tree diameter measurement must be taken at 1.4 m (4.5 feet or approximately at chest height) above ground level. It applies to trees on all land use types including, single family residential properties. Trees of all diameters on private property within Ravine Protection Areas of the City of Toronto, are protected under the provisions of City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 658, Ravines.

Tree Removal Permit Requirments : 

  • Application Fee (certified cheque or money order)

  • Arborist Report

  • Landscape/ Replanting Plan

  • Photos

  • Site Plan (if the application is construction-related.)

  • Elevations (if application is construction-related)

  • Site Plan with Ravine Line Delineation (if the property is in a ravine protected area)

tree removal permit - permit man
tree removal permit - permit man (3)
tree removal permit - permit man (2)