Small Addition Permit

Under the Building Code Act and zoning by-law, you can increase the quality of your life by more get space in a small house. create an open plan kitchen diner and living space, push out a wall, repurpose a spare bedroom, Install new windows. …

How do you make the most of space?
How to get organized when you live in a small house?

It also increases its value of house. You need to get a building permit of small residential addition. we are specialist in designs of small addition and help you have a suitable and beautiful space with appropriated budget. we make your plans and design with respect to your taste and observance of Ontario Building Act.

A building permit is required for an addition to a small residential building such as a detached house, a semi-detached house, or a townhouse. Applying for a permit through us, will insure that all forms and requirements are included in your permit and are ready to go. Such as, Mechanical Ventilation Design Summaries, plumbing and drain permits, garage structures, roof, floor and site plans. For a safe and smooth process while constructing your residence, an approved building permit taken care of by us, will make sure you have everything you need.

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addition permit-permitman
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