Removing A Load Bearing Wall Permit

LBW Removal

It’s incredible how remodeling old homes has evolved, and Load Bearing Wall removal has taken center stage! Thanks to advanced engineering, better tools, and stronger materials, civil engineers can now create more spacious interiors with fewer columns, using newer and sturdier beams. This means we can achieve greater elegance and aesthetics in our new home designs.

While this engineering marvel opens up a world of possibilities for interior designers in new construction, when it comes to remodeling older homes, dealing with Load Bearing Wall removal becomes a common necessity.

But fear not! Our team is up for the challenge! Load Bearing Wall removal is no easy feat; it requires precise calculations, careful planning, and top-notch execution.

You see, Load Bearing Walls play a crucial role in carrying the vertical loads of a building. To ensure the integrity of the structure, we take infinite precautions throughout the entire process. From identification and addressing of load factors to calculating the necessary modifications, obtaining the right permits, and supervising the execution, PERMITMAN has got you covered!

So, if you’re dreaming of transforming your space, rest assured that we’ll handle the Load Bearing Wall removal with utmost expertise and care. Let’s turn your vision into a reality!

What is a Load Bearing Wall:

There are two different walls:

  • Partition wall: Due to the name, a partition wall is a wall that separates two different spaces in a dwelling system and doesn’t carry out any structural load of any type.
  • Load Bearing Wall: All the live or dead loads of the structure – such as weight of the snow on the rood, weight of the roof, upper floors maximum live loads, upper floors structural load and other structural loads – must be converted to the foundation in the basement. The walls that carry out and transfer these loads – either point load or distributed load – have been called a Load Bearing Wall which is the most essential part of every building structure. A Load Bearing Wall runs perpendicular to joists and normally designed centrally or parallel to the longest span of the building.


Load Bearing Wall Identification:

PERMITMAN’s team of experts and Structural P.Engs are first inspecting and evaluating the home to locate and address the exact Load Bearing Wall(s) in the home by defining the load flow in the structure. This is our experts’ art of engineering to find out the Load Bearing Walls without damaging the home due to the competent industry experience of our staff. It is essential that in this stage not only the Load Bearing Wall identifies by our experts but also by inspection the attic identifies whether the Load Bearing Wall carries the load of snow on the roof or not, which this crucial judgment will affect drastically the building structure in the medium and long time.


Load type and intensity:

Next step after the Load Bearing Wall identification is the Load type and intensity identification.

 Of course, the essential input for any structural analysis and structural element spec identify is the load identification, either the type and direction and the intensity of the load. A professional inhouse prepared tabular load check list excel sheet has been used by PERMITMAN structural designers which is fully complies with the National Standard and Ontario Building Code. In this phase our team of structural experts calculate and define all required element specifications.

Needed Structural modifications:

In the third step, our team of experts work on the load flow till the load transfers to the foundation in the basement. In many cases the existing foundation is not able to carry out the calculated load and to remove the Load Bearing Wall loads in some posts will be different and that change in the load leads us to foundation reinforcement.

Permit application:

In this step, by completion of all required structural and architectural drawings, administrative staff of PERMITMAN apply for permit and try to satisfy all legal requirements of the city to issue the permit.

Of course, at this step there may be some engineering back and forth with the city and our engineering staff try to satisfy all the technical doubts of city examiners to facilitate permit issuance.

Execution supervision:

As the life of the building totally depends on structural durability, this is our commitment to make sure the Load Bearing Wall removal will be done in full compliance with the prepared and approved structural drawings and analysis. At this stage, Permit man’s team of expert are in touch base with contractors to make sure the done job is complying with the code. In some cases, as per city inspector request the whole Load Bearing Wall removing approval depends on the letter of engineer which even the inspection must be done by our Professional Engineers.