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Zoning protects areas from incompatible land uses and establishes standards for development.  Zoning by-laws contain specific provisions for how high buildings can be built, setbacks from property lines, the amount of parking required for specific uses, along with other matters.

Rezoning application generally divide the land into zoning districts, such as Residential, Commercial, and Industrial, and further into sub-districts such as R1 and R2, each with different rules. For example one residential district may only allow only single-family detached homes, while another may allow duplexes and certain in-home businesses. In general, single-family residential districts are the most heavily regulated.

Zoning regulations affect not only what land uses are permitted on a property but also what can be built as well as provides other regulations such as lot size, type of buildings.

A Zoning Certificate of Occupancy is a permit that approves a new use or a change of use of a building or unit in accordance with the Zoning By-law. For example changing from a retail store to a restaurant, or a vacant unit to a new use. You are not allowed to change the use of any land, building or structure until you have a Zoning Certificate of Occupancy.


Residential Permit - permit man
rezoning application - permit man

Zoning Change – Zoning bylaw amendment

Rezoning application is used for major revisions to the bylaw such as land use changes or significant increases in permitted building heights and development densities. Minor Variances are used for issues such as small changes to building setback or parking requirements.

To make a change to land use or to create new lots within Ontario, an applicant (for example, a developer) must make a planning application and seek approval from the appropriate decision maker. The decision maker will review your application and make decisions about changes to land use.

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