Legal Basement Permit

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Is a Legal Basement Drawing and Permit required

YES if basement is modified or used as a living space. We provide the necessary drawings to obtain municipal building permit for Legal Basement
Based on the scope of work below:

  • Measurement and Site plan
  • Structural drawings stamped by a professional engineer
  • Existing and Proposed architectural drawings
  • Site inspection

If the finished basement is intended as an extension of the main living space within the house, it cannot be rented out or used as a separate unit. To create a new second suite in the basement, you MUST apply for a building permit. All new second suites must adhere to the Ontario Building Code, residential zoning by-laws, and property standards. Any construction for the new suite will necessitate a permit and inspections.

Do you require a Basement Entrance Door?

Enhance your basement ambiance with a walkout. A legal basement necessitates a separate entrance/exit door. These requirements ensure easy escape during emergencies like fires. Although escaping through a window is possible, using an exit door is faster and safer for all.

Permitting a Legal Basement comes with several advantages:

  • Safety and Control: Legalizing secondary suites enables municipalities to ensure health and safety standards in these units.
  • Affordable Homeownership: Secondary units help first-time homebuyers by sharing a portion of the home loan costs, making homeownership more affordable.
  • Additional Revenue and Security: Legal basements provide extra income and security for older families, allowing them to remain in their homes for an extended period of time.
  • Housing for Low-Income Individuals: Secondary suites offer a housing option with fewer services for those with lower incomes.
this image show a finished basement in the Toronto area

What do we do?

We are experts in legal basement permit drawings and second suite permit services, proudly serving Toronto, Vaughn, Oakville, Thornhill, Hamilton, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, and more.

Our services include a free consultation at your home, where we’ll discuss your requirements and offer solution. We handle all aspects of the process, including Zoning Applications and preparing detailed Architectural drawings, such as Site Plans, Existing and Proposed Basement Plans, Elevations, Sections, Construction Notes, and more.

Rest assured, we’ll ensure the proper specification of the Side Entrance and Below Grade Entrance locations. Trust us with the seamless processing of your Legal Basement permit.

 What Makes Us The Best Choice?

  • Design is completed in 2 or 3 business days.

  • We provide cost efficient design solutions that complies with OBC

  • We don’t submit legal basement permit application until you are satisfied

  • We guarantee on-time project completion.

  • We prioritize 100% customer satisfaction.


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