Legal Basement Drawings is required?
Basement permit Toronto - Permit man (2)
We provide the necessary drawings to obtain municipal building permit for Legal Basement

Base on the scope of work below:

  • Measurement and Site plan
  • Structural drawings stamped by an engineer
  • Existing and Proposed architectural drawings
  • Site inspection

When a Basement is used as a "secondary Suite" ?

Finished basement is used as additional living space as part of the entire house. In this case basement cannot be rented or used as a separate unit. You must apply for a building permit to create a new second suite.
All new second suites must comply with the Ontario Building Code, residential zoning by-laws, and property standards.  Any new construction will require a permit and inspections.

Basement permit Toronto - Permit man (2)
Basement permit Toronto - Permit man (2)

You Need Basement Entrance Door ?

you can change the feel of your basement simply by adding a walkout. The legal basement needs to separate entrance door .

The requirements exist to help you easily escape your basement in the event of a fire of other emergency.

A walkout basement enhances your emergency escape options. Escaping through a window is difficult but possible. However, escaping through an exit door is quicker and safer for everyone.

Advantages to Permitting a Legal Basement is that:

  • legalizing secondary suites means that a municipality can have control over the health and safety conditions in such units

  • Secondary unit help to make homeownership reasonable for first-time homebuyers by balancing a portion of the home loan costs 

  • Legal Basement turn out extra revenue and security for more established families, allowing them to stay in their homes longer

  • secondary suites are a means by which low-income people can find dwellings offering fewer housing services

 What We do?

PERMIT MAN specializes in legal basement permit drawings & second suits permit services with years of experience in Toronto, Vaughn, Oakville, Thornhill, Hamilton, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, …

  • Free consultation at your home

  • Zoning Application

  • Preparation Architectural drawings including :   Site Plan, Basement Plan ( Existing & Proposed), Elevations, Sections, Details, Construction Notes , …

  • Specify the Location of the Side Entrance and Below Grade Entrance

  • Legal Basement permit processing

legal basement permit - secondary suits permit in Toronto

 What Makes Us The Best Choice?

  • Design is completed in 2 or 3 business days.

  • We provide cost efficient design solutions that complies with OBC

  • We don’t submit legal basement permit application until you are satisfied

  • We guarantee on-time project completion.

  • We prioritize 100% customer satisfaction.


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