Address: 155 Addison Hall Cir, Aurora

Industrial - Mezzanine Project

February 2024

Embarking on a project in the burgeoning industrial zone of Aurora, Ontario, PermitMan is not only adept at transforming outdoor spaces but is also at the forefront of enhancing industrial structures. One of our ongoing endeavors involves the revitalization of an industrial building, where we are introducing a mezzanine floor to accommodate the administrative section. Our comprehensive services extend to architectural design, structural design, and cutting-edge architectural visualization, ensuring that our clients receive a holistic and innovative approach to their projects.

In the realm of architectural design, our focus goes beyond aesthetics; we strive to create the most effective and functional spaces tailored to the specific needs of the administrative section. Simultaneously, in the realm of structural design, we employ our expertise to achieve optimal results while meticulously adhering to budget constraints. PermitMan recognizes the importance of a harmonious balance between form and function in industrial settings, and our commitment is to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

To further enhance the client experience, PermitMan offers an immersive virtual tour during the design phase. Clients have the opportunity to preview the final outcome, providing valuable insights and ensuring that the design aligns seamlessly with their vision. This proactive approach allows for real-time adjustments, fostering collaboration and transparency throughout the entire process. At PermitMan, we pride ourselves on not only transforming outdoor living spaces but also on elevating industrial structures to new heights, where functionality, aesthetics, and client engagement converge for exceptional results.

industrial design - mezzanine floor - 3d visualization - reception
industrial design - mezzanine floor - 3d visualization - office